International Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

Volume 9, Issue 3, June 2021

  • Climate Change and Sensitivity of Surface Water Resources in the Mekrou Sub-Watershed at the Yakrigourou Outlet (North Benin / West Africa)

    Alain Ibikunle Ague, Cyr Gervais Etene, Somiyabalo Pilabina, Ibouraima Yabi

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3, June 2021
    Pages: 60-66
    Received: 9 April 2021
    Accepted: 5 May 2021
    Published: 20 May 2021
    Abstract: The present work aims to contribute to a better understanding of the impacts of climate change on the availability of surface water resources in the Mékrou sub-basin at the Yakrigourou outlet in northern Benin. To achieve this objective, descriptive statistical methods were applied to hydro-climatological data. The historical data were taken from t... Show More
  • Interannual Variability of Seasonal Rainfall and Associated Circulations over Gambella, Ethiopia

    Waza Mulualem Abera, Wang Wen

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3, June 2021
    Pages: 67-95
    Received: 14 April 2021
    Accepted: 7 June 2021
    Published: 16 June 2021
    Abstract: Ethiopia composes diversified topographic structures; undulated plateaus and mountains, raged valleys and plains. The highlands and ever-green portions of the county are fringed by the Sahara and Arabian deserts as well as East African arid climates. This study investigates the spatial and temporal seasonal (June-September [JJAS]) rainfall variabil... Show More